• Song:

    Stop The Dams

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    El MaƱana

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intro: F#(x8)




verse 1
             F#       A#             D#     B  F#
When you're smoking tin-foil in the morning
      A#        D#    B 
It's gonna be a cold day
              F#    A#             D#     B/F#
When you're keeping everything inside you
    A#     D#      B/F
It can only hurt you

F#    A#  D#  B  F#
Unrelated sounds
F#    A#  D#  B  F#
The sun will shine again
F#    A#  D#  B  F#   
You hold it in your hands

Verse 2(repeat chords as 1)

This land is a young land let it stay that way

It's pollution only turns it to

Something you don't wanna see ever grow up

The reflection of the bad you receive

And you are all messed up

And the sun won't shine again

So maybe you're in love

With aluminium

(use chorus' style to play this part but try picking them or 'broken chords')

The cling and a clang

It's the metal in my head when I walk

I hear a sort of - this tinging noise

Cling clang, the cling clang

So many things happen while walking

The metal in my head kind of clinks as I walk

Freaks my balance out

So the natural thought

It's just clogged up total clogged up

And I need to unplug these dams and make the natural flow

It sort of freaks me out,

We need to unplug the dams,

You cannot stop the natural flow of thought,

With a cling and a clang.

Wake me up again until

We're aluminium

You hold it in your hand

The sun will shine again

The sun will shine again

The sun will shine again

The sun will shine again

(repeat and fade)
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