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    Glory Revealed Team - Waters Gone By

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G               C               D       
You will lift up your face without shame 
        G        C            D 
You will firmly stand with no fear inside 
         Em      Am        G     G/B    C 
You will surely forget your troubles and pain 
     G/B C      Am C        D        G   ( G - G/C turn) 
Recalling them only as waters gone by  

Verse 1 
   Em       D/F#     G 
If you put away the sin in your hand and allow no evil to dwell 
   Em             Am 
If you devote your heart  
     C                        G      D/F# 
And stretch out your hands to Him 

Verse 2 
 Em  D/F#            G 
You'll be secure for there is hope 

   And you will safely take your rest 
Em            Am 
You will lie down 
     C                     G    D/F# 
With no one to make you afraid 

            D/F#                  C   G/B 
But the eyes of the wicked will fail 

Darkness gives way to morning's light 

Life will be brighter than noon day 
       Am7      C     D/F# 
As the waters go by into the night
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