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    Glory Revealed Team - Waters Gone By

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G5               C5               D5       
You will lift up your face without shame 
        G5        C5            D5 
You will firmly stand with no fear inside 
         E5      A5        G5     G5    C5 
You will surely forget your troubles and pain 
     G5 C5      A5 C5        D5        G5   ( G5 - G5 turn) 
Recalling them only as waters gone by  

Verse 1 
   E5       D5     G5 
If you put away the sin in your hand and allow no evil to dwell 
   E5             A5 
If you devote your heart  
     C5                        G5      D5 
And stretch out your hands to Him 

Verse 2 
 E5  D5            G5 
You'll be secure for there is hope 

   And you will safely take your rest 
E5            A5 
You will lie down 
     C5                     G5    D5 
With no one to make you afraid 

            D5                  C5   G5 
But the eyes of the wicked will fail 

Darkness gives way to morning's light 

Life will be brighter than noon day 
       A5      C5     D5 
As the waters go by into the night
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