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    Sovereign Lord

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Intro:       G    Em7        
C     G     D/F# 
Verse 1 
G              Em7 
Sovereign Lord, over all 
C        G            D/F# 
You are reigning forever. 
G                   Em7 
Worship flows from our lips, 
C              G                           D/F# 
We have come for just one glimpse. 


And we sing.... 
C        D      Em    D/F# 
Hal     le     lu      jah, 
C        D      Em    D/F#  
Hal     le     lu      jah, 
C        D      Em    A      C 
Hal     le     lu      jah. 

Refr?o -------------
      G               Em 
Majesty, reign in me, 
         D/F#                   C 
Your right hand enfolding me. 
           G                       Em 
Earth applaud, heaven sings 
          D/F#                      C            C 
At the sight of Christ the King. 


Verse 2 
G                    Em7 
Lord of Lords, now enthroned, 
C              G                   D/F# 
Who can stand in your presence? 
G                Em7 
Fire of Love, Holy one, 
C                G                               D/F# 
You burn brighter than the sun. 

Repeat Bridge 
Repeat Chorus 2X 
Fading Chords?
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