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    Sovereign Lord

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Intro:       G    Em7        
C5     G5     D5 
Verse 1 
G5              E5 
Sovereign Lord, over all 
C5        G5            D5 
You are reigning forever. 
G5                   E5 
Worship flows from our lips, 
C5              G5                           D5 
We have come for just one glimpse. 


And we sing.... 
C5        D5      E5    D5 
Hal     le     lu      jah, 
C5        D5      E5    D5  
Hal     le     lu      jah, 
C5        D5      E5    A5      C5 
Hal     le     lu      jah. 

Refr?o -------------
      G5               E5 
Majesty, reign in me, 
         D5                   C5 
Your right hand enfolding me. 
           G5                       E5 
Earth applaud, heaven sings 
          D5                      C5            C5 
At the sight of Christ the King. 


Verse 2 
G5                    E5 
Lord of Lords, now enthroned, 
C5              G5                   D5 
Who can stand in your presence? 
G5                E5 
Fire of Love, Holy one, 
C5                G5                               D5 
You burn brighter than the sun. 

Repeat Bridge 
Repeat Chorus 2X 
Fading Chords?
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