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G                       D 
Show me the way to your heart 
I am searching 
        C       D 
But i'm drifting apart 
G                      D 
Everything`s gone, far away 
Here we're standing now 
        C            D 
With no words left to say 

Gave you power 
Fell on the floor 
C                                  D 
Silence, never thought you hurt so bad 
In darkest hours 
Slept at your door 
C                              D 
Wishing all would be just like before 

       G                D 
Let me find my piece of heaven 
       Am               D 
Let me find my way back home 
            G             D 
I want this love to last forever 
         Am                 D 
And back together,rise once again  

From the ashes to the sky 

(mesmos acordes) 

Has someone taken my place 
Am i falling 
Was it our last embrace 

Now you're asking me for some more time 
I am trying to survive 
Victim of my desire 

I keep on running 
I'm up all night 
Times , i never thought they hurt so bad 
In darkest hours 
Stand by your door 
Wishing all would be just like before
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