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G5                       D5 
Show me the way to your heart 
I am searching 
        C5       D5 
But i'm drifting apart 
G5                      D5 
Everything`s gone, far away 
Here we're standing now 
        C5            D5 
With no words left to say 

Gave you power 
Fell on the floor 
C5                                  D5 
Silence, never thought you hurt so bad 
In darkest hours 
Slept at your door 
C5                              D5 
Wishing all would be just like before 

       G5                D5 
Let me find my piece of heaven 
       A5               D5 
Let me find my way back home 
            G5             D5 
I want this love to last forever 
         A5                 D5 
And back together,rise once again  

From the ashes to the sky 

(mesmos acordes) 

Has someone taken my place 
Am i falling 
Was it our last embrace 

Now you're asking me for some more time 
I am trying to survive 
Victim of my desire 

I keep on running 
I'm up all night 
Times , i never thought they hurt so bad 
In darkest hours 
Stand by your door 
Wishing all would be just like before
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