• Song:

    Mad Mad River

  • Artist:

    Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

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D5     A5
The water line 
   D5      A5
Is mighty high
It rained so hard
Even my tears couldn't dry
        D5           A5
And the valley went still
            D5          A5
And all the lines went down
                E5           D5            A5
The day the Mad River got a hold of this town

And the river rolls
    D5         A5
One foot at a time
D5        E5
Over the bridges
        D5         A5
And the old water lines
            D5           E5
But there's hope in the valley
          D5            A5
After the hundred year flood
            D5       E5
Because the mad Mad River
D5           A5
Runs in our blood

D5        A5
Old lady jane
      D5        A5
She refused to go
She sat there on her porch
As the water was touching her toes
        D5          A5
And she closed her eyes
       D5        A5
Softly singin a tune
         E5                             D5        A5
She said if the Mad River is goin then I'm goin too

chorus x2
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