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Standard Tuning EADGBe

So just the chords here and the little hammer on bit.
The strumming is quite swingy so lots of up and down strokes.

e ------------2--0-----------2--0-------------|
B -------2-22-220102--2-2-22-220102-----------|
G -------2-22-320002--2-2-22-320002-----------|
D -------2-22-420202--2-2-22-420202-----------|
A -------0-00-400300--0-0-00-400300-----------|
E ----02------2--3---2-------2--3-------------|
This is the main riff through the whole song.
Its Basically Just -   A  F# A C A

On the verse he plays the A as a Bar chord and then back to the riff.
Something like this.

e --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|
B --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|
G --6-6666-66-6-6666-66-6-6666--6-6666-66-6---|
D --7-7777-77-7-7777-77-7-7777--7-7777-77-7---|
A --7-7777-77-7-7777-77-7-7777--7-7777-77-7---|
E --5-5555-55-5-5555-55-5-5555--5-5555-55-5---|

Then theres the second part of the verse where he plays a D Chord and back to the riff again.
Something like this.

e -2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|
B -3-3333-33-3-3333-33-3-3333-33-3--3333-33-3---|
G -2-2222-22-2-3333-33-3-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|
D -0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0--0000-00-0---|
A -0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0-0000-00-0--0000-00-0---|
E -2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2-2222-22-2--2222-22-2---|

On the second time of playing the D it then goes to an E chord and then to the riff.
He plays the E chord with this shape.

e -0-0000-00-0---|   And thats just the same strumming Until it goes back to
B -0-0000-00-0---|   1st Riff again.
G -9-9999-99-9---|
D -9-9999-99-9---|
A -7-7777-77-7---|
E -0-0000-00-0---|

And thats pretty much it theres a few variations of the same things throughout the song 
but just listen and you will see.

Hope that helps
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