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Verse 1: 
D5  C5    D5         C5   D5 
All heaven waits with bated breath 
    G5       Bb5   G5 A5  A5 
For saints on earth to  pray 
D5   C5    D5     C5   D5 
Ma - jestic angels ready stand 
     G5       Bb5   G5 C5    C5 
With swords of fie - ry  blade 
F5   G5     C5      E5       D5 
Ast - ounding power awaits a word 
     G5     Bb5  G5  A5  A5 
From God's resplendent throne 
    D5         C5 D5 
But God awaits our prayer of faith 
C5  Bb5      A5     D5   C5 
That cries 'Your will be done.' 
D5   C5    Bb5     A5    G5  A5 

Verse 2: 
Awake O church, arise and pray 
Complaining words discard 
The Spirit comes to fill your mouth 
With truth, His mighty sword 
Go place your feet on Satan's ground 
And there proclaim Christ's name 
In step with heaven's armies march 
To conquer and to reign! 
Verse 3: 
Now in our hearts and on our lips 
The word of faith is near 
Let heaven's will on earth be done 
Let heaven flow from here 
Come blend your prayers with Jesus' own 
Before the Father's throne 
And as the incense clouds ascend 
God's holy fire rains down 

Verse 4: 
Soon comes the day when with a shout 
King Jesus shall appear 
And with Him all the church 
From every age, shall fill the air 
The brightness of His coming shall 
Consume the lawless one 
As with a word the breath of God 
Tears down his rebel throne 

Verse 5: 
One body here, by heaven inspired 
We seek prophetic power 
In Christ agreed, one heart and voice 
To speak this day, this hour 
In every place where chaos rules 
And evil forces brood 
Let Jesus' voice speak like the roar 
Of a great multitude
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