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D          D/E     Em7 
My Lord, what love is this 
     Asus A  Dsus D 
that pays so dearly, 
     D      Em 
that I, the guilty one, 
G   A  D 
may go free?! 
Am7           Am  G  D 
Amazing love, O what sacrifice, 
    F                     A 
the Son of God, given for me. 
My debt he pays 
Am  G  D 
and my death he dies 
     Am7     D 
that I might live, 
     Am7 G   D 
that I might live!  
    D       Em 
And so they watched him die 
  Asus A    Dsus D 
despised, rejected; 
     D     Em 
but, O the blood he shed, 
G      A   D 
flowed for me! 
    D        Em 
And now this love of Christ 
      Asus A    Dsus D 
shall flow like rivers. 
     D         Em 
Come wash your guilt away, 
G    A   D 
live again!
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