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F#5                              /C#5 
When your love has moved away 
C5                          B5 
You must face yourself and say 
I remember better days 
Don't you cry `cause she is gone 

She is only moving on 

Chasing mirrors through a haze 

F#5   F#5   F#5    F#5 
F#5                     A5       B5   
Now that you know it's nowhere 
What's to stop you coming home 
                        A5     B5 
All you got to do is go there 
Then you'll really realize what's going down 
You went to a strange land searching  
For a truth you felt was wrong 
That's when the heartaches started 
Though you're where you want to be you're not where you belong 
Verse 1 & 2 
by: Jos? Duarte 
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