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         A                  E          A           D
This old town's filled with sin, it'll swallow you in 
   A                        E
If you've got some money to burn. 
        A           E               A              D
Take it home right away; you've got three years to pay, 
    A        E           A    A7
But Satan is waiting his turn. 

                             E               A
This old Dearthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse; 
   D               A              E
It seems like this whole town's insane. 
       D            E        A            D
On the thirty-first floor, a gold painted door 
      A            E              A
Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain. 


A friend came around, tried to clean up this town. 

His ideas made some people mad. 

But he trusted his crowd, so he spoke right out loud, 

and they lost the best friend they had. 



The scientists say it'll all wash away, 

But we don't believe anymore, 

'Cause we've got our recruits and our green mohair suits; 
So please show your I at the door. 

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