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G5               Em              G5                Em     G5            
I guess its up to me to look like I'm the one who's fine\ you can only  
  Em              G5                Em    G5              Em         G5 
see the one who's not like your own kind\ I'll pretend to be OK and you, 
             Em    G5         Em            G5           Em     C 
that I'm not here\ after I'm alone allow me to release my tear\ I don't  
      Em            C            Em 
care, I don't care\ I don't care, I don't care\ 
(second verse same, same as the first, the chorus remains the same also, 
but you can add a 7th to the Em and a 2nd to the C to make it sound 
really awesome. very easy song, any problems, call wallabys@hotmail.com )
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