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F#    E    F#  E  F#  E       
Seems like  I           am 
F#     E  F#    A     E 
Always in  the  way 
It'll take forever to do the rest of the verse.  E-mail me and ask 

super-duper nice if you want the whole thing. 
F# (palm mute) 
All I want is  
F#     B 
To be free! 
F# (pm ) 
I need so much  
F#      B 
LESS Of me! 
D-                  2   4   
A-          2   4 4 
E-2 2   4  4 
And that's the whole song.  Questions, comments, etc. 
tarsus@centuryinter.net.  Have fun!  
P.S.  Special thanx to Evan Dickens for showing me the verse.
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