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A5 C5 B5 (or 0,3,2 on A string) x4 

Verse 1 

do intro part to group of words 
A5 B5 C5           A5 B5 C5 
        Unholy judge        on high above 

        Unholy finger       you point at everyone 

        And you sit alone   on your morale throne 

        None do you serve   so you've become your own 
Chorus -Distortion kicks in- 
A5 B5 G5                 A5 B5 G5 
       You must have died       You must have died 

       You must have died       Yeah, to have 

To have your foolish pride 
Verse 2 

When playing chords before "imagination" turn Distortion off 
A5 B5 C5                 A5 B5 C5 
        Black cross within        imagination 
        While you rid the world   of your every sin 
        So have you become        our redemption 
        A self rightoutous master of undivine election 
play chorus part thru solo 
after last chorus play: 
A5 G5 F5 to end
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