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    Gentle Spike Resort

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  • Album:

    Broken Down Comforter C...

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Tabbed by : Davy Flament 

all normal, no capo

    C                          G
And liars got that corner now
    C                             G
And they've got flyers everywhere
     F                  D9      G *     E
With ex-school treasures for hire
    F                        D9          G *       G7 (not needed)
And whitesnake riffs dressed up like Sid Viscosity
like Sid Viscosity

   C                               G
As lice is living in your practice room couch
       C                             G
You're not the only one who's doing without
F               D9          G *      E
Daddy doctor's son punk rocker shouts
F              D9                 G *                  G7 (not needed)
Dad the A.C.'s broke in our hardcore punk rock vacation
vacation rehearsal house

          F       D
Now, now, now             (x3)
                    F       D
We'll get right on that
                       F           D
I'm sure it's just the thermostat
                    F       D
We'll get right on that
                     F                  D
I'll buy your band a few twelve packs
                          F                D
But your mother wants her bracelets back

              F       D
clack, clack, clack        (x2)
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