• Song:

    We Bleed Maroon

  • Artist:

    Granger Smith

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Capo: 2 

Verse 1:
          D                    Bm
There's a place in my heart, a spirit ne'er told
         A                            G
A little town on the Brazos, A little ring made of gold
  D                Bm             A                    G
I carry it with me wherever I go, just to remember the times

   D                              Bm
We learned some from books, and a whole lot from livin'
    A                          G
And we etched our names in the wood at The Chicken
  D                       Bm
I still hear the sound of spurs on the concrete
    A                          G                      A
And that ol' train whistle blowing through the trees

         G        D          A            D
So put a penny on Sully, and wish me some luck
    G             D               A
And yell "Farmers Fight" when our boys are backed up
           G                D         A            Bm
Throw your arms 'round each other and sing "Hullabaloo"
       G              D       A          D 
'Cause that's what we do when we bleed maroon

Verse 2:
D                        Bm
Midnight at Duncan, they still light the torches.
    A                           G
And Reveille still barks at the Cav on their horses
     D                  Bm
I've seen 80,000 to the power of 12
           A                            G          
It doesn't matter who comes to town, we still give 'em hell

          D                       Bm
And I was there at the stack on November 18
     A                          G
With logs on the ground, I fell down on my knees
       D                    Bm 
But we would not forget the 12 that we lost
   A                           G                 A
So we carved their names right there in the rock


Verse 3:
    D                         Bm
And there late at night, If I listen real close
    A                                 G
The spirit still whispers through the crooked live oaks
    D                     Bm
And I hear my father, and his dad before
    A                                G                   A
And all those brave Aggies who never came back from war


     G               D           A              Bm
Say "here" for me at Muster when my time comes, too
       G              D       A        D
'Cause that's what we do when we bleed Maroon
      G              D       A        D
Yeah, that's what we do when we bleed Maroon


Gig'Em Aggs - '12
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