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The Shining Hour

Am         C                 Bm     Dm
Are we still on the phone=20
Am     C                     Bm                   Dm
With lady Anna Clarke and her trumpet solo?
Am         C                        Bm      Dm
Whose ghost sings for pay
Am        C            Bm             Dm
In the blue billiard room of the Monterey
Am   C                 Bm      Dm
For room and for board
Am           C                       Bm                Dm
And the back door key is a 19th century civil war sword
Am        C              Bm            Dm
Once owned by John Booth
Am          C                   Bm                   Dm                 =20
And he misplaced his script when he caught his leather boot

 G                            F       Dm      Am
This could be the shining hour
G                      F    Dm      Am
Based on all this mad belief
G                         F             Dm           Am
In money oil and angel powder
G                        F    Dm=09
In the new age magazine=20

There=92s a hole in the wall
Behind the photograph of Al Capone
He=92s sittin=92 down at city hall
The police they peek through here
And they watch you get dressed in the two-way mirror
But it=92s all in good spirits
And if you close eyes you can=92t help, help but to hear =91em move

This could be the shining hour
Based on all this mad belief
In the money oil and angel powder
In the new age magazine

I propose a toast
To the memory of the horse who carried King Tut and his gold
Into the sun
He collapsed last summer from a heat stroke somewhere in the east=20
village, oh=20
And it kills me to think
That I=92m no longer living
Just looking for excuses to dink
So lift up your glass
And your Ouija board =91cause I=92m fading, fading, fading fast
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