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C            Am       Em    G
------------------------0---3---- | 
1-1-1--1----0-1---------0---3---- | 
0-0-0--0----0-2--0-2-0--0---0---- | 
2-0-2--0-02-0-2---------2---0---- | 
3-3-3--3----0-----------2---2---- | 
------------------------0---3---- | 

C            Am          Em   G
You're the last of your kind, Mona Lisa
C       Am          Em
With a wink of your eye,
Ya make it all right
C           Am           Em     G
Oh there's more left to life, Mona Lisa
C       Am       Em   G             G
Let me take you along for the ride

F     G           C         Am
Aint nothin? that stays the same
F     G        C
Won't ask it a? you
F         G         C             Am
Just that burgundy smile you wore yesterday
F        G#       G
Say ya won?t ever lose
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