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C            Am       Em    G
------------------------0---3---- | 
1-1-1--1----0-1---------0---3---- | 
0-0-0--0----0-2--0-2-0--0---0---- | 
2-0-2--0-02-0-2---------2---0---- | 
3-3-3--3----0-----------2---2---- | 
------------------------0---3---- | 

C5            A5          E5   G5
You're the last of your kind, Mona Lisa
C5       A5          E5
With a wink of your eye,
Ya make it all right
C5           A5           E5     G5
Oh there's more left to life, Mona Lisa
C5       A5       E5   G5             G5
Let me take you along for the ride

F5     G5           C5         A5
Aint nothin? that stays the same
F5     G5        C5
Won't ask it a? you
F5         G5         C5             A5
Just that burgundy smile you wore yesterday
F5        G#5       G5
Say ya won?t ever lose
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