• Song:

    China Cat Sunflower

  • Artist:

    Grateful Dead

  • Album:

    Steppin' Out with the G...

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October 30 2007, 07:19 pm by Kenny Karsten |
thats the guitar part. the bass is completely different. the verse is basically this
lots of improv:


the chorus gets really hard and solo-ey

Ok! This guy posted this as a comment and not as a tab so if you don't click on the
comments then you probably won't see this. This tab is accurate. Lots of improv for that
though. Then there's the "chorus" parts, which are a run through of G and D. Build up on 
two chords, even Phil doesn't play too fancy there, and then land on C, then a D. You
play the C and D as power chords if you like. There's a repeat of all this, and more 
Good luck!
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