• Song:

    Nothing Out Of Nothing

  • Artist:

    Great Big Sea

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Artist: Great Big Sea 
Song : Nothing Out Of Nothing 
Album: up 
Tabbed by André Nadeau-Simard(northmarcydam@hotmail.com) 

Here`s a good song from the album Up. The strumning is the key . 
You have to play fast and not too loud. That`s Great Big Sea`s particularity. 
The little A trick is to play the combination of A and A7  and back to A really fast. 
And sorry, my english is not so good... 

Bm : 224432 
G : 320033 
A : X02220 
A7 : X02230 

Bm   G   A      x4 

Bm                            G                    A  A7  A 
I leaft my home , my famiy by the ocean 
Bm                         G          A  A7  A 
All on my own , to set my fortune 
Bm                               G                A  A7  A 
But there`s no place to occupy this young hands 
Bm                                    G                     A   A7 A 
So look out boy,  you`re heading for the main land 

D                                                      G                    A 
And what do you do, you can`t make nothing out of nothing 
D                Bm       A  A7       A 
Everybody needs a start 
D                                                       G                    A 
And what do you do you can`t make nothing out of nothing 
Bm                      G           A 
Give my country back his heart 

I was born on a Saint john`s street 
Where all my hopes can meet with defeat 

No I `m so smart I got to rule this contive nation 


Now I`m alone but I`m working everyday 
I get stone down blown all my pay 
Just to survive I do whatever I can 
Now I`m alive but I can`t be a real man 

small interlude and after x2 chorus
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