• Song:

    Killing Time In Texas

  • Artist:

    Gurf Morlix

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	        Killing Time in Texas-Gurf Morlix 
Tabbed by: Cyguitars


visit www.gurfmorlix.com

capo 4


   Am    C  C(2)    G    Am

(listen to the song for exact timing of the chords)

Am      C            G         Am   (repeat trough te rest of the song)
sister tell me what mamma has done
with the money I left from the selling of the gun
Now I got one year and five days clean
but a thousand more nights were lost in between

with your mamma's eyes and your daddy's disease
brother dont go making mistakes like me
the Oklahoma speedway is gonna make you mean
get out while you can, in your highway machine

G                 Am
killing time in Texas, 
G                Am
playing what i know
G                 Am
killing time in Texas
C                     G            Am
I'm going where the blue note is blown.

What I did I can't recall,
I was driving blind, headed for the wall
Now I give all I got, to pay for my sins
whatever's leftover, just trow it in the wind

paying what I owe
Im going were the blue note is blown.

well, heavens full of ghosts and the world is full of fools
who never had a chance except by breaking the rules
now this door will slide, the sky will open wide
and I'll be back home in Tolsa and a minute past midnight.

K.T.I.T,                                     ]
praying as I go                              ] this whole reffrain 2x
K.T.I.T,                                     ]
I'm going werhe the blue note is blown.      ] 
one time couplet, text: woohoohoo... oehoee.. 
(listen to the song for this part!) then fade out.
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