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    Lets Burn Again

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Chords between brackets are optional/transition chords

C#m        	      F#	   F#m    B      E       (Ab)
It's good to see you again You my lover Take my hand
C#m        	         	      F#		      F#m          B     E      (F#)( C#)
It's so good to touch your skin To grab your jeans And bite your lips again

F#m 	       B      E	         A  	Am	A7	      B
We're gonna make it' til we get sick Stop talking about it, let's burn again

E         (A)  	C#m     E   	(B)	   A 
Now lay dowm on me   I'm sure you've gonna love it
A              C#m          A      C#m    A
It's all we desire  We're gonna catch on fire

E   (B)(C#m)   F#m                 B
Just to feel again      (The two of us)

I like your morning face
Your morning breath
Let's make love twice

It's been so long since I've been here
Smelt your hair
And felt your breasts

Blissful and lazy it's all I wanna be
There ain't no time to waste, let's burn again

Love in our veins
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