• Song:

    Barrel Of A Gun

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    2003-06-28: Tower Reco...

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Ebsus2   INTRO:
e|-6-|   |---6-6-6-666---|
B|-6-|   |---6-6-6-666---|
G|-8-|   |---6-6-6-666---|
D|-8-|   |---8-8-8-666---|
A|-6-|   |---8-8-8-666---|
E|---|   |---6-6-6-666---| (4x)

Bb                  C#
I know a movie star, I've got her plastered to my wall
Bb                               Ebsus2
Just like we're dear old friends, like she already knows me
Bb                         C#
She's perfect as she seems, lifts me right out the Mezzanine
Bb                     Ebsus2                     Ebsus2
I finally fell in love, I'd been waiting forever

Four, three, two, one
When at the barrel of a gun
Keep my head way down.
Stay out, I'll stay in.
Half dead, half numb
She's enough to make me warm
Abm                    B
It's all so safe and sound.

INTRO x4   Bb (let ring) Ebsus2

Bb (let ring)            x MUTE x
Lie back and fast asleep, if you could see what I could see
Bb xMUTEx                Ebsus2
Drip drop a lovely dream
Bb                      C#
God damn you movie star, can't you just stay a minute more
Bb                         Ebsus2                          Ebsus2
We'd be the best of friends, you could stay here forever


Bb                      Ab
She will be sweet on me, just like a mystery
Eb                     F
It's not so hard to see if I'm not mistaken
Bb                      Ab
She comes from far away, and gets closer everyday
Eb                             F
And all that I can say is that she's all I want and all that I live for


B F#
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