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    Needles And Pins

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(for today only you get two guttermouth songs for the price of one)

 These songs are pretty easy to play but still kick alot of ass
 everyting you need to play both of them is given

--NEEDLES AND PINS--(the e and f chords are played on the A string)


 D         e f            C B             A G 

 F    G  G G G G G
 F    G  G G G G G
 Bb   C
 F    G

 ----OATS-----(these four chords are the whole song)

 A      C      G      B

 Songs: 1) Needles and Pins  2) Oats
 Written By: Guttermouth
 Tabbed By: Yoder (comments/todrunktocare@hotmail.com)
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