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E  A  E  B   
E  A  E  B  

Verses 1&2 
    E                       A9
1.  Old man sun is setting. He won again today. 
2.  I got blisters on my fingers, salt stains on my shirt.  
     E                         B                    A9
1. I Close the gate behind me, hear you call my name 
2. Cuttin' cross the back yard, shakin' off the dirt. 
     E                                       A9
1.It strikes a chord within' me; the deepest sound 

   I ever heard. 

2.I hear you in the Kitchen singing like a bird, 
It's more than just I love you Baby it's every little word 
B                   A9
Talking to flowers, Laughing with the Kids, 
B                C#m B     A9
Cussing, Crying, Whisperin'. 
    B                    A9    E
The sweetest Song I have every heard, 
It's more than Just I love you Baby 
It's every little word. 
Verse 3 

When the house is finally settled, kids are all asleep 

I'll ask you to walking down along the creek. 

We'll listen to the night birds, hear the crickets stir, 

It's more than just I love you baby.  

It's every little word. 
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