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Date: 10/3/96; 8:44:13 AM
From: Rick Schofield 
Subject: Fall In Love Again - Hal Ketchum

	(Tonight We Just Might) Fall In Love Again - Hal Ketchum

Intro:	B7 (6 bars)    E (2 bars)

Verse1:	B7
	remember when we'd spend the whole night lovin'
	we just had to be together all the time
	so much in love we didn't want for nothing
					   E     (stop)
	back when I was yours and you were mine

Verse2:	B7
	somehow we let it slip right through our fingers
	somewhere we left our love along the way
	now after all thre life we've lived between us
	how can we have nothing more to say

Chorus:	      C#m           G#m              A
	let's put aside the pain and all the sorrow
	                      E                 B7
	stop talking bout the way things mighta been
	        C#m            G#m           A
	if we'd only throw our hearts into tomorrow
	F#m                   B7           E
	tonight we just might fall in love again

	[break - two bars of E]

Verse3: B7
	Remember how we lived on hopes and wishes
	remember when we lived for love alone
	just getting by on one another's kisses
	back before the sweetness turned to stone


	[SOLO - over verse]

	[CHORUS x 2]

Coda:	F#m                   B7           E
	tonight we just might fall in love again


Charted by Rick Schofield (rds@rds.mv.com)
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