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G             Gm   G
Old habits diehard,Some wounds never, 
Em                  Am
heal. we got what wecame for,  this is 
D                Bm
part of the deal.I can't forget, 
G                Em
you. I can't eventry. sometimes it, 
C         G
seems likesomebody died. 

Old soldiers die hard, 
Em             Am
old hearts beatSlow,oh oh. 
Em            C
Old friends goeasy. 
D              G
old Lovers justgo. 


Some fools never learn,ain't that what they say? 

I turned for a moment,and you turned away. 

You had your reasons God only knows. 

If it bothered you baby,It never showed. 


Old soldiers die hard,Old hearts beat slow. 

Old friends go easy,Old lovers just go. 

Old soldiers die hard,Old heads hang low,ohoh 

Old friends go easy lovers just go 


I keep tellin' myself,It's all right 

But i know that later on tonight. 

(repeat 2)
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