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Daddy brought home a photograph 
          G5           D5 
from the paper yesterday. 
It showed a line of wagons 
        G5             A5 
Movin' someplace far away. 
That picture made my Daddy smile 
        D5        A5    B5 
And it made my Momma cry. 
Seems like Daddy's wagonload of dreams 
have long since passed him by. 

And the dreams that make a sparrow fly 
can make an eagle fall. 
One that makes a rich man money 
D5                  A5 
Ain't no dream at all. 
It's a crying shame to wake up  
                  D5         A5       B5 
Just to find its all been broke in two. 
G5                                                     D5 
Careful what your dreamin' cause it someday may come true.  
2.  Well, he talked on all through suppertime  
'bout a good prospector's life. 
Couldn't see Momma didn't want to be    
No good prospector's wife. 
He said we best sail out and go  
before the weather turns to cold. 
Maybe buy ourselves an extry horse 
to carry all that gold. 
3.  Well, I got up as soon as the first light came  
to start the mornin' fire. 
Wonderin' if my Momma's will  
Cooled that man's desire. 
And inside the stove upon the coals 
And ash and paper lay. 
Was a ghostly line of wagons  
movin' someplace far away. 
(repeat last line of chorus)
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