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A5                                 D5
You said you'd find me helpless on the A47
A5                               E5
Shouting at the passers-by that Alan Brazil
A5                             D5
Seems to be the singer in the Goombay Dance Band
    A5               E5            A5
And now you want to put me in the ambulance
                    E5        A5            D5 D5 A5 A5 Ab5 Ab5 A5 A5
But I don't want to go in the ambulance.
A5                            D5
I asked if you would like to go along to
A5                    E5
See the Rocky Horror Picture Show
A5                           D5
You said you'd love to so I murdered your family
       A5        E5           A5
'Cos I hate the Rocky Horror Picture Show
                  E5              A5                  A5 E5 A5 E5
Besides I'm going browsing 'round hardware shops.
       A5                             D5
You'll find me dying casually on the fourteenth fairway
A5                        D5         
Trying in vain to wave a fore-ball through
A5                             D5
I'll understand if you should walk straight past me
 A5               E5                 A5
Ideally though I hope you'd call an ambulance,

Unless of course you're
B5                     E5
Sampling Alessi in St Neots
   B5                                 E5
Or chasing Bunty James 'round Hilton Park
B5                 E5
Oh, oh Lori in St Neots
B5                               E5
Is this me or is this dead-shot Keen?
B5              E5
Hello, this is Joanie
     B5                                  E5
This plectrum once belonged to you know who
B5                             E5
Grocer Jack, Grocer Jack, get off your back
                      A5  E5
Go in to town.....
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