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G5                                   C5
There's a girl leaving town for the sunshine
      G5                        D5
She's heading out to Happiness Bay
      G5                        C5
She's going first thing in the morning
    G5           D5          G5
And hopes to be there by midday
Her flavoursome buck is awaiting 
G5                     D5
Laden with fraudulent charms  
   G5                   C5
Enough for to plunge a doe such as she
         G5        D5        G5
Straight into his dastardly arms
        D5                   G5
But the tragedy lies in the background
      D5            A5           D5
For a young man by whom she's adored
   G5                         C5
Is planning to throw himself under
    G5              D5        G5
The train she's intending to board.

Now the fates may look down and show mercy
And answer a poor mother's call
And the service soon after departing
May stop for no reason at all
And the young girl may come to her senses
And the wretch may get tetchy and leave
And the chap wracked with anguish incarnate
May gladly accept his reprieve
But the fates around these parts are ruthless
And sometimes just want people dead
So he'll probably throw himself under
The ten twenty seven instead.

Now the engine is leaving the station
The cow has been scraped from the line
And two letters by way of explanation
Have been written for those left behind
And should there develop high drama
Upon which an inquest is heard
You may like to curb your lamenting
Until you've all heard the last word
Well he thought of a love unrequited
And he thought of a life full of pain
It's a pity he didn't spare a thought for
The poor bastard driving the train.
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