• Song:

    Need It

  • Artist:

    Half Moon Run

  • Album:

    Dark Eyes

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Intro: A5  G5  C5  F5       2x

Verse 1
       D5            A5
In a dream , I was untrue
           D5                      F5 - C5
Shouted in sweats, And I knew it was you
        D5                     A5   
All the while as I traced your spine
            D5                    F5 - C5   A5
Tore out my hair as my peace of mind

                       G5               C5
Well if you breathe in, I'll breathe in
           F5      A5
Slowly let go
               G5                C5
If you need it, Then I need it,
           F5      A5
Only we'll know

Verse 2
             D5                   A5
Can't be the same, As we lie in a lie
             D5                     F5 - C5 D5
Knowing full well, Your virtue's my vice
                    A5                      D5
In the night we are one, 'Til the moment is gone,
                      F5 - C5                A5
'Til my race has been run


E5                    D5                       C5
And those sorry words, Make me not know my mind          
And they're so afraid for use

A5  G5  C5  F5 2x

                     G5                       C5
And if you breathe in, Then I'll breathe in
And only we'll know
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