• Song:

    Kiss Is On My List

  • Artist:

    Hall And Oats

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#     This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation  #
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Name: Kiss is On My List
Artists: Hall and Oates

Transcribed by: Jason Yankee
Note: This is all my own work.

Intro and chorus: C, G, C, G, E B, B B, E B, B B, 

F, Dm, F, Dm C, G

"Oh my friends think I need.."

E B, A B, B B, C, G

"But when they insist.."

A B, B B

"I tell them this.."


"When they want to know.."

A B, B B

"I only smile.."

A B, F, G

"Because your kiss.."

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Chords defined:

C - notes: G, C, E

G - notes: G, B, D

E B - notes: G, B B, E B

F - notes: A, C, F

D m - notes: D, F, A

A B - notes: A B, C, E B

B B - notes: B B, D, F
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