• Song:

    When The Morning Comes

  • Artist:

    Hall And Oats

  • Album:

    The Atlantic Collection

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First, there's a fill that is played occasionally between verses (and in the 
intro). Here's how I play it:

e | ------7-------5-------3------- | 
B | ------8-------7-------3------- | 
G | ------7-------7-------4------- | 
D | ----------------------5------- | 
A | ----------------------5------- | 
E | ----------------------3------- | 


G  D  C  G 

G2 D2 C2 (fill)

I went downtown to see milady
she stood me up and I stood there waiting
C                                       G
but it'll be all right when The Morning Comes

Now I'm up in the air with the rain in my hair
I've got nowhere to go, I can go anywhere
C                                       (fill)
and it'll be all right when the Morning Comes

Am7                                      Bm7    
Just in passing, I'm not asking that you be anyone but you
When you come home try to come home alone
C                         D
it's so much better with two

Now I'm out in the cold and I'm getting old
standing here waiting on you
but it'll be all right when the Morning Comes

The rest of the song is played using these chords.
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