• Song:

    Dreams Come True

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Crimson Thunder

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Tune down guitar half-step

Em                         Am 
Never thought I'd feel again
Dm                                 C           G 
Feel the darkness fade and see the morning sun arise
Em                           Am 
Never thought I'd feel alive again
Dm                    C            G
Senses dull and blunt from all the lies
Am                                    Em 
Now when I hold your face so close to mine
I see a place where to sun will shine
C              G
With you it is divine
C                       G
Looking down into those eyes
        Dm                     C     G
I know, I'll be lost and never found again
C                       G
Kiss me once and I will surely melt and die
Am                       Dm    G     C    Am 
Kiss me twice and I will never leave your side
     C      G    Am   
(If) Dreams Come True

The rest is prety much the same except for the end 

of the final chorus which goes like this
C         G     
Until the sign of winter
C              G
Always by your side
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