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    Let The Hammerfall

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Intro : Am7  D/A (4x)

It?s getting closer now
                  Bb  C    Dm7
The clock strikes midnight time
                                Bb    C
It the tolling of the judgement bell
You fear the dead of night
              Bb   C    Dm7
There ain?t no place to hide
                             Bb   C
This is your point of no return


Em7  C           D       Em7      D    
     Now we are ready to strike,again
F#m7  D            E     F#m7       E
     It?s getting far too late,my friend

Let the hammerfall   (Intro)

Dm7                               Bb     C   
We are above the law Let our this power show 
Dm7                                     Bb   C
That we?re in full control of our destiny


Dm7                                   Bb   C  
We?re getting closer now The chill of distant eyes
Dm7                                   Bb   C
You?re on a dead end street into the night

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