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    Let The Hammerfall

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Intro : A5  D5 (4x)

It?s getting closer now
                  Bb5  C5    D5
The clock strikes midnight time
                                Bb5    C5
It the tolling of the judgement bell
You fear the dead of night
              Bb5   C5    D5
There ain?t no place to hide
                             Bb5   C5
This is your point of no return


E5  C5           D5       E5      D5    
     Now we are ready to strike,again
F#5  D5            E5     F#5       E5
     It?s getting far too late,my friend

Let the hammerfall   (Intro)

D5                               Bb5     C5   
We are above the law Let our this power show 
D5                                     Bb5   C5
That we?re in full control of our destiny


D5                                   Bb5   C5  
We?re getting closer now The chill of distant eyes
D5                                   Bb5   C5
You?re on a dead end street into the night

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