• Song:

    Glory To Glory To Glory

  • Artist:

    Hammond Fred

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Cm7       D?        Eb6        G#7M 
Glory  to Glory  to Glory  to Glory 
   Eb6(9)    G7(9b)    Cm7 
To Glory  to Glory  to God 
                      (1? vez)(     2? vez     ) 
Cm7/A    G#7M         ( G7(9b) )( Gm7 Fm7 Eb Bb7/D ) 
  To the only God our Saviour  
Be Majesty  dominion and  
          (    1? vez     ) (2? vez)   
Bb7(9)    ( Eb7(9b) Fm7 Gm7 ) ( Eb7(9b) 
  G#7M(9)   F7/A     Bb7(9)  G7(9b)/B 
Forever and ever and ever.  Be Glorified! 
Cm7     D?     Eb6           G7(9b) 
Let the people praise him  
Cm7        D?      Eb6       G7(9b) 
Rejoice in all his goodness  
And be thankful for  
G7           SOLO: ( C D Eb G Bb ) G7 
all he has done. 
Cm7      D?  Eb6    G7(9b)  
Tell the generations    from  
    Cm7         D?   Eb6      G7(9b) 
the mountains to the valleys  
         G#7M      G7        
By his Spirit the victory  
    (1?vez) (    2? vez    ) 
    ( Cm7 )   ( Cm7 D? Eb6 C/E ) 
is   won! 
        Fm7  Eb? Bb7/D   Eb      Gm7(5+) G#7M 
For the Lo---o---rd   is worthy to be    praised! 
    Fm7  Bb/G   Cm/G# Bb   G#/C  D? 
His hand  of    sal---va---tion 
Eb7M(9+)  Fm7(9b) Gm7(5b) C7   Bb/D C7/E 
Red-------ems us  this    hour. 
    Fm7  Eb? Bb7/D       Cm7/D 
So  Lo---o---ord   bey---ond  
    Eb         Gm7(5+) G#7M 
the balance of our     days  
   Fm7   B/C Cm/G# Bb  G#/C  D? 
Be Glo---ry  and   Ho--nor  
   Eb/F  Fm/G  Eb/G# G#6/G  C/A  B? 
Domini----on   and   pow----er!
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