• Song:

    With My Eyes Open

  • Artist:

    Hank Brown

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With My Eyes Open
Artist: Hank Brown (halffull07@yahoo.com)
Swinging Monkey Records……Unreleased

F                             C
No need to feel the hurt you deal,
F                           C   Am  G
All you ever want to do is talk at me.
F                                 C
You dealt the cards, I played my hand,
F                        C   Am  G
While you ran around, I made my stand.

C                      Am
Through all the hurt, through all the lies,
F                             G
I was the one that would not hide.
C                   Am
Now if I can stand, to watch you leave
F                       G                        C  Am  G (twice)
I’ll be the one, you’ll see...with my eyes open

F                                      C
My friends all tell me, its time to move on.
F                           C   Am   G
Past the past, through the hurt and pain.
F                                     C
Now that you’re gone, my heart can grow strong.
F                       C  Am   G
Won’t let your memory hurt me anymore.


C   Am   G  (twice)
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