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C5                              G5
 Travelling the lonely road of sorrow, 
        Heartaches is all I've ever known; 
    F5                         C5
    Time has turned a million pages, 
    G5                     C5
    Fate has dealt and I'm alone, 
          The little stars all twinkle brighter, 
          The moon shines gaily from the blue; 
              F5                           C5
          The flowers seem to spread more beauty, 
       G5                       C5
       Oh, so glad 'cause I met you. 
          G5                         C5
          But somewhere along life's highway, 
           G5                         C5
           From your new love you may part; 
                                   C5       F5        C5
                   And then you'll reap the pains my darling, 
            G5                    C5
            That go with a broken heart.  
   Though you made my life a failure, 
   I have never been untrue; 
   And these lonely years I've wasted, 
   All because my love for you. 
   You played your game to leave me darling, 
   Your game I did not understand; 
   So you dealt the cards against me, 
   And I played the losing hand. 
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