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Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music Johnny Masters 
I know somewhere out in the world 
      D5           G5
There is a gal for me 
I'd like to find and make you mine 
How happy we would D be ... 

We wouldn't need a moonlit night 
   D5               G5
To sit outdoors and spoon 
'Cause I would buy a rocket ship 
             A5     D5
And take you to the moon. 
We would have our honeymoon 
On the rocket ship 
E5                 E5
We would fly from star to star 
A5               A5
 On our wedding trip 
You could make your wedding gown 
    D5            G5
Out of a big moon-beam 
 Sprinkle stardust in your hair 
           A5      D5
You'd be a perfect dream. 
We'd sit on top of the universe with no one else around 
I'd reach right up and pick the stars and make you a pretty crown. 
I'd place it on your little head and kiss your smiling lips 
As we glided out through space upon the rocket ship 
Then we'd go strolling arm in arm along the milky way 
We would visit every planet on our wedding day 
We would laugh and love sweetheart and you could be my wife 
We would find the land of love out there in paradise. 
We would have our honeymoon, on the rocket ship 
We would fly from star to star, on our wedding trip 
I'd take my old guitar along and we could softly croon 
On our journey through the sky and headed for the moon. 
SOURCE: The Best Of Hank Snow; Vol. II
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