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Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Johnny Bond  
D5                            G5
Tonight I'm sad, my heart is weary 
    A5                        D5
I'm wond'ring if I'm wrong or right 
Altho' you've gone and found a-nother 
  A5                   D5
I wonder where you are tonight. 
         G5                       D5
That old rain is cold and slowly fallin' 
Upon my window pane to-night 
    D5                       G5
And tho' your love was even colder 
  A5                      D5
I wonder where you are to-night. 
Your heart was cold, you never loved me 
Tho' you said you often cared 
And now you've gone and found another 
Someone who knows the love I shared. 
Then came the dawn that day you left me 
I tried to smile with all my might 
But you could see the pain within me 
That lingers in my heart tonight. 
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