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Recorded by: Hank Snow on RCA Camden 
              Written by: Jimmie Rodgers 
              Submitted by:  Bill Winfield  (billw@nexicom.net) 
C5                              F5                  C5
Oh you Mississippi River, with waters so deep and wide 
   G5                                                C5     C5
My thoughts of you keep risin', just like an evening tide   
    F5                                   C5
I'm just like a seagull that's left the sea 
        G5                           C5   C5
Oh your muddy waters keep on callin' me   
I'm gonna pack my grip and head that way 
You'll see me hanging 'round again some day 
'Cause I know that's the only way to lose 
The Mississippi River blues 
I've often ridden on your bosom   
     F5                     C5
From Memphis down to New Orleans 
         G5                                           C5       C5
Floating over muddy waters, drifting through familiar scenes  
           F5                                 C5
And when I hear that whistle of an old steam boat 
          G5                                     C5       C5
Down that Mississippi River again I'm a-going to float   
Repeat Chorus. 
                                 C5                    G5    C5
(for last line, substitute: That mean old Mississippi River Blues 
I don't know if this is the same song that "Helen" was looking for.  But it 
sure is the Hank Snow version.   I've been singing it for 20 years or more.
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