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Someone requested this Hank Snow song a while back but I haven't seen it 
show up yet.  Here is what I remember of the song. 
    Recorded by Hank Snow 
A                                      E7
There are friends who will want you but just for a day 
    There are pals you think true that will cast you away 
A7                              D
There's one loving soul boys I'd sure recommend 
                                A                E7          A
    Through this whole world of sorrow, she'll be true to the end. 
Mother, though her hands are all wrinkled and old 
    Mother, silver hair that has lost all it's gold. 
You left her alone, went to learn through the years 
        B7                         E7
    But all that you left her were heartaches and tears 
   A                          D
So kiss her old brow, whisper softly and true 
           Dm                        E7     A
    Mother, you're just an angel and I love you.
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