• Song:

    Outlaw Women

  • Artist:

    Hank Williams

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I've been looking all over for this song and the chords...finally watched somebody play 
so I wrote the chords down and put them to the lyrics...this is my first tab/chord...so 
its wrong let me know I just started playin the guitar so... hope it'll help...

On the intro listen to the beginning of the song to figure the picking out its actually 

I've seen it play with a Capo on 1 and without...depends on how low or high you wanna 

Intro: D-Cadd9 x3 into D

D               A                    D
She works in the bank and she works in the store
D            A                          D
And she don't go for that old stuff anymore
D                  A                  D
Likes to get high and listen to the band
D                           A          D
She likes to make love to her kind of man

C              G     D
These outlaw women,   first of their kind
C        G    D
Outlaw women   they got here right on time
C        G     D
Outlaw women    don't need any guns
C         G                  D back into intro x3
Outlaw women just out for fun

D            A                D
In many ways she's a lot like me
D                 A              D
She don't give a damn 'bout society
D                       A                   D
Might be little rich girl, or she might be poor
D                       A                          D
She Might be a married woman that needs a little more

C               G    D
Shes a outlaw woman,  first of her kind
C              G   D
these outlaw women  ridin' high in seventy-nine
C         G   D
outlaw women  don't need any guns
C              G                        D back to intro x3
these outlaw women were just out for fun

D                        A                  D
Some call her a lady some call her other names
D                 A                                D
But you wont ever call her that around me and my gang

hope you enjoy...
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