• Song:

    Cecil Brown

  • Artist:

    Hank Williams Iii

  • Album:

    Lovesick, Broke & Drift...

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Well my name is Cecil Brown 
And I'm from a little town 
D5                  C5       A5 
People don't think much of me 
I never understood 

Why they thought I was no good 

But this is how it seems 

The feelings of this worn out cowboy 
      D5                A5 
Would make you feel so cold 
I've traveled up and down so many 
        D5        A5 
Kind o' lonesome roads 
I once took the high road 

And it took me straight to hell 

And I stayed there all by myself 
Cause on the roads 

Where I feel that I belong 

It don't matter who is right or wrong 
The feelings of this worn out cowboy. 

A5  G5  D5  A5 
guitar solo, Sergio Leone style 
Pickin' up the pieces 
Of my broken family 
Is not an easy sight to see 
And as the leaves have changed 
It helps ease the pain 
And sufferin' they left for me 
The feelings of this worn out cowboy.
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