• Song:

    Honky Tonk Girls

  • Artist:

    Hank Williams Iii

  • Album:

    Risin' Outlaw

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E5                                  B5 
I went honky tonkin' last Saturday night 
Dancin' and prancin' beneath the neon lights 
                          E5                 A5  
Pocket full of silver and not a  care in the world 
               E5                  B5         E5  
Havin' fun and flirtin' with them honky tonk girls 
Honky tonkin' baby, I'm gonna make you mine 

Eyes that sparkle like the stars, lips that's sweeter than wine 

Two step with ole' Willie, and slow dance with ole' Merle 

Goin' round in circles with them honky tonk girls  

E5                            A5  
Honky tonk girls, honky tonk girls 
           B5                                       E5 
With their big hair and their rhinestones and their pearls 
                  E5         A5 
Honky tonk girls, honky tonk girls 
Well come Saturday night well I'm getting' tight 
With them honky tonk girls  
All day I'm workin' hard pushin' this broom around 
Thinkn' 'bout the things I'll do, goin' out on the town 
When that yellow moon comes shinin' on this old world 
I'll be makin' love to my honky tonk girl 
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