• Song:

    Thunderstorms & Neon Signs

  • Artist:

    Hank Williams Iii

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E                                   A 
There's a big black clouds blowin in from the west 
          E                                          B7 
I've been drivin' all day lord I sure could use some rest 
          E                            Am 
There's a motel up ahead where I can unwind 
        E                B7              E 
Cause I sure love thunderstorms and neon signs 
I grew up on the road from town to town  

My daddy's line of work kept us movin' around 

I got fond memories of the way things were back then 

The warmth of a neon when a cold storms movin' in 

A                             E 
Listen to the opry in a small caf? 
A                                    E  
When we stop to get a bite along the way 
A                                   E 
Whenever I hear the wheels begin to whine 
A                           B7 
It takes me back to another time  
I got a real nice room with a radio and TV 
This here motel livin' is the only life for me 
And it looks like it'll be rainin' for quite some time 
And mixed with the lightening is the glow from a neon sign 
Repeat Verse 1 
Lord I sure love thunderstorms and neon signs
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